Bring Your Family to a Dentist for Kids in Vista and Meet Our Resident Tooth Fairy

- Wednesday, July 20, 2016

dentist-for-kids-in-vistaTo keep your children in good oral health, schedule an appointment with a dentist for kids in Vista. We enjoy working with children and have fun with our young patients. Consider us as your resident Tooth Fairy. We are here to provide advice, solutions, and to take proactive steps to keep your children in excellent oral health. This is actually far more fun than it seems when you apply a certain level of creativity and imagination. One of the ways we do so is by incorporating the Tooth Fairy tradition. This is something you can do at home, and we can support you with during visits to our dental office.

For young children, the idea of the tooth fairy is something that is magical and inspires their daily imagination. You can use this as a tool for helping them want to take the time to keep their teeth in good condition. Brushing can become part of the adventure and so can flossing and eating a healthy diet. Here are a few tips from a dentist for kids in Vista on how to do so.

#1 - Think about the things your child loves.

Do you have a four-year-old daughter who is fascinated by Tinkerbell and all things magical? Does she plan her days around tea time or when to perform surgery like Doc McStuffins? Does your three-year-old son imagine that he is Jake and run around fighting pirates all day? You know your kids best, and because of that, you know the type of things that spark their imagination. You can take the ideas that they develop from the cartoons they watch, the books they read, and the games they play and then turn them into an exciting adventure that can be applied to their oral health.

#2 - Create your own Tooth Fairy magic.

Knowing how your child likes to play, use some ideas to create your own magical tooth fairy adventure. Perhaps the Tooth Fairy is aided by the help of pirates seeking to save teeth from evil cavities. Maybe the little princess and Tooth Fairy join forces to save the kingdom from stinky breath. The adventures you can have are limitless.

#3 - Make losing a tooth special.

When your child does lose a tooth, make it fun, special, and memorable by taking a picture of them with their recently lost tooth and fresh smile. Have them place that picture, along with their tooth, underneath their pillow, and when the Tooth Fairy comes, they can receive a special prize like a new toothbrush, a dollar, some floss, and toothpaste. In exchange, you (the Tooth Fairy) gets to keep their tooth and picture to put in a memory book that they can receive when they are older.

Schedule Your Appointment With a Dentist for Kids in Vista

We are experienced in working with young children, and we know how to educate and inspire them in a way they will be receptive to. If you find that what you are trying at home is not working quite as effectively as you would like it to, call our office and schedule a consultation. We can assist you, and we can promote what you are trying to accomplish at home so your children will be more inclined to listen. We are here to provide assistance and support whenever and however you need it, so call our office today.